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Costumer stories

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I love the naturalness of it, the fact that you can make such delicious food from such simple things.

Anna Farkas-Turai

Schill Nóra.png

I have been struggling with my problems for years, of being overweight. I thought I knew everything about this. But I seemed to get lost in the flood of information and knowledge from different experts. With Judit's help, I have lost almost 40 kilos, my blood sugar is down to normal, I am mobile, I feel good in my skin.

Nóra Schill

Kókai Rózsa.png

The four days of the lifestyle camp were the best investment of my life

Rózsa Kókai

Egyázi Edina és gyerekei.png

My daughter wants to open a bakery since the course and bakes something delicious every day, which she learned there. Her boundless enthusiasm captivates us all, and it is a particular joy for me as a mother that it is driving the whole family towards healthy food.

Edina Egyházi

Osváth Ferenc.png

I experienced some of the theoretical part as positively provocative, which was far-reachingly thought-provoking, and to this day it works like a good sourdough.

Ferenc Osváth

Kékes-Benics Éva.png

Thank you so much for the day, I think we can all complement our everyday lives and our work with the informations we received.

Éva Kékes-Benics

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