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Gabi kovászos zsemlékkel.png
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I have been teaching cooking classes for adults and children for over twenty years.

The emphasis in my cooking classes is on simplicity, health, and the gastronomic experience, but beyond that, we bring an ecological approach to the kitchen.

The cooking classes cover all aspects of holistic cooking, from bread baking to healthy snacking, raw cooking, vegan cooking, gluten-free and hay fever diet workshops.

The camps are the real help for lifestyle change, with time for relaxation, walking, hiking and good conversation beyond cooking and eating.

All courses and camps are discounted for children, and I also have special family camps.

And the Plum Dumpling Camp is a real summer camp for kids, where they learn to be at home in the kitchen, prepare and enjoy healthy food, and all the while have lots of games, crafts and, as camps are only in summer, water plays.

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