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For more than twenty years, I have been lecturing throughout the country and beyond, in Hungarian-inhabited areas of neighbouring countries. I also give lectures in English and German when required, which is obviously not bound by national borders.

The topics of the lectures are holistic nutrition, health and disease, fad diets, organic farming, food safety, building biology.

For my part, I really like these lectures. It is an extremely good feeling when, in the course of carefully structured lectures, I see that the audience finally understands phenomena in the field of health and disease that they did not understand before. It is an extremely good feeling to be able to share the knowledge that leads to health promotion in all its simplicity and feasibility.


Here are a few titles of lectures from recent years:

Arizona Fork - What to eat to be well? (Little Man Waldorf Kindergarten)

Climate-friendly nutrition (Vecsés, high school)

Nutrition and health. Holistic Nutrition, Anthroposophic Dentist Congress, Budapest, 2016

Nutrition against back and neck pain (Mini lifestyle workshop with Edua Ravasz)

The impact of nutrition on children's discipline and attention (Novi Sad, Serbia, Teacher Training)

If organic then healthy? The impact of fad diets on our health. XL Meeting of the Hungarian Nutrition Society

No sugar, no sugar! - prevention and diet of insulin resistance and diabetes (Vojvodina, Zenta, Se)

Low carbohydrate diets shorten life expectancy - Facts and misconceptions about our diet (Székesfehérvár)

The Wholefood Kitchen - a series of lectures in the lifestyle change programme of the psychiatric ward of the hospital (Budapest, János Hospital)

The human-centred house - Building biology in practice (Piliscsaba, Green lifestyle club)

Facts about Nutrition (Budapest, General Electrics)

Food Safety Today (Esztergom, Environmental Congress)

Our grandmothers' kitchen (Satu Mare, Romania)

Bread of our grandparents (Dinnyés)

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