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Welcome to my page!

I am Judit Benda, a health promotion specialist and nutrition expert, journalist, author, and mother.


Originally I was a pharmacist. But soon after my studies I met holistic medicine and whole food cooking in Germany which completely transformed my understanding of diseases and their treatment. As a result I completed a training as a health counsellor at the Bruker Institute in Germany. This institute was founded by the german doctor M. O. Bruker and is focused on health promotion and nutritional sciences. The training which I completed was about nutrition, the impact of environment on our health, organic agriculture and architecture biology.

As our nutrition has the most significant impact on the development of the diseases of our civilization, I wanted to strengthen this line. I completed a studies in Master of Nutrition Science and wrote a thesis about Eating Habits Health and Lifestyle of Organic Consumers in Hungary.


In 2012 I opened my cooking school in Piliscsaba. In the cooking school I teach the whole food cooking to children and adults. I am very proud that the participants come from all over Europe, and besides Hugarian there are cooking classes in English and in German as well.

In the past twenty-five years I have been involved in many projects. I have worked with hotels, including the Grandhotel on Margaret Island, restaurants, caterers, municipalities, companies and hospitals, and I tought at the University of Pécs. For years I worked as a scientific journalist, edited a radio show and was talking about nutrition and health promotion in countless shows and programmes.


In 2001 me and my husband founded the publishing house kétezeregy, which was dedicated to health in a broader sense. Our books include The Soup Lies, Cukorblues, Summerhill, In Search of Happiness Lost, our only childrenbook Hello Baby, two Eco-Calendars, and my cookbook Simply Delicious, The Wholefood Kitchen.


At the moment I write a doktoral thesis about Restless Legs Syndrome. RLS, like many other diseases, responds very well to diet, the results are very encouraging.


I welcome you to my courses and counselling, club and other activities. If you would like to reform your restaurant, your company canteen, the lifestyle of your employees or the public catering in your city, you are in the right place.

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