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My publications as a science journalist and researcher

I have worked as a science journalist for more than twenty years. In that time, I have contributed to at least two dozen journals and newspapers. I've written series, studies, articles and edited radio programmes. At the same time I have given interviews and been interviewed by almost all the media in Hungary.

I have witnessed the emergence of the "health business" and the transformation of the press on the subject.

My publications (selection):

  • Lifestyle column in the local newspaper (Piliscsabai Polgár) 2017-2021

  • Eating habits, health and lifestyle of organic consumers in Hungary, European Journal of Integrative Medicine, (1876-3820 ): 8 Suppl.1 pp 43-43 (2016)

  • Benda, J, Gáti, I., Symptomfree RLS through diet, A case study, European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 1876-3820., 2016

  • Dietary Options in the Treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome, Conference Paper, Ács Kamilla. Book of Abstracts Doctoral Workshop 2015 (2015).

  • Breast Milk, Conscious Consumers, 2010

  • Series on Wholefood Cuisine in Biobasket, 2008.

  • Are infectious diseases contagious, Complementary Medicine, 2004.

  • Quantity not quality, Complementary Medicine, 2004.

  • Our everyday poisons. The brave new world of our food, Komplementer Medicina, 2003.

  • What makes us so tall, Komplementer Medicina, 2000.

  • A wholefood diet rich in vitamins, Komplementer Medicina, 1999.

  • Series in the journal Taní-tani on Nutrition and Pedagogy on whole food nutrition and the impact of our diets on young people. The interviewer was Judit Janovics. 2002-2006

  • Series in the agricultural journal Biokultúra on wholefood nutrition, 2000-2008.

  • Series in the health magazine Látlelet on wholefood nutrition, 1999-2000.

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