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Personal counseling

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Counseling can primarily help maintain health and prevent diseases of civilization caused by nutrition and the environment.

However, if it is too late to stay healthy, you can have the right diet and change your lifestyle for the following problems:

  • cardiovascular diseases

  • metabolic problems such as overweight, prediabetes, insulin resistance

  • eczema, hay fever, certain types of asthma

  • autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, polyarthritis

  • IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, chronic constipation

  • chronic small bowel disease (crohn's disease), chronic colitis

  • restless legs syndrome (RLS) 

  • recurrent upper respiratory diseases

  • musculoskeletal disorders 

The extent of improvement will depend primarily on the patient's determination and individual history: complete recovery at best, and slowing of deterioration at worst.

Practical information:
The length of the first conversation is two hours.

Fee: HUF 35,000
The length of the second conversation and subsequent conversations is 30–60 minutes.
Fee: HUF 13 000

Location of the consultation: Piliscsaba, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 9.

It is also possible to consult online.

You can book an appointment by clicking the contact button. Please send me a message describing the question or problem you would like to contact me with, and the day and time of day that would be convenient for you.

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