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Dr. Judit Benda

Simply delicious

The whole food kitchen

The book is the handbook of whole food cooking. It describes in a simple, clear and entertaining way what is wrong with the food we eat today, how it makes us ill and what we should do to avoid chronic diseases.

The first part of the book is theory, the second part is practice with recipes, ideas and advices. It summarises over twenty years of experience - my experiences as a mother of four children and a working mother.

The recipes are my own tried and tested recipes that I use every day. Some of them are traditional recipes from Hungarian cuisine, which I have adapted a little according to the principles of whole food kitchen, and some are international recipes that I have learned from friends and family members and incorporated into our kitchen. While the cookbook was being written, Sári, one of my daughters, sometimes asked anxiously during cooking: will this recepie be in the cookbook? Of course, I put it in.

Recipes are generally characterised by simplicity, and I consider culinary pleasure the most important thing. If something isn't delicious, it's only half as healthy, I learned from a friend, and I agree completely.

The cookbook was a slow process - I worked on it for over ten years. I was a little embarrassed at first when I was asked how long I had been writing the book. But when I found out that Tolkien had been working on The Lord of the Rings for fifteen years, I was reassured. Good work takes time...

The book is a real family cookbook: in addition to the text and recipes, we did all the pictures, drawings, paintings and the artwork for the book itself. My whole family actively contributed to the book - if only by eating what I cooked with enthusiasm. Sometimes, though, it led to a minor conflict: although lunch was ready, I wanted to take a photo before we ate it. And taking a photo is more time-consuming than waiting patiently for it while you are hungry.

The cookbook is a vegetarian cookbook, even though whole food cooking is not a vegetarian diet, and we are not vegetarians ourselves. Nevertheless, I thought that most people can cook well with meat, but most people cannot cook at all without meat.

Another reason why there is no meat in the cookbook is that today's citizen eats too much meat, which is questionable from both a health and an ecological point of view.

You wrote about the book:

"The book is wonderful. The whole family loves the recipes in it."

Bibi dinnyét eszik (1).jpg

Eck Antalné grandmother

"This is an incredible niche work, I don't know of any other publication that offers such a wealth of recipes alongside such detailed nutritional advice. A perfect handbook for those who want to improve their diet. I really can only give superlatives on the concept and content. I'm pretty sure I'll be using it a lot in my kitchen."

Füge Kata, foodblogger

"I've been turning the cookbook every day for six months, and it's probably from this book that I've learned to cook really well. With a young child, I rarely have time to search for recipes online, especially if they are basic recipes, but I found all the tricks in this book. Sometimes I just get ideas, sometimes I delve deeper into the theoretical parts. For me it's the bible of wholefood nutrition. Special thanks for the family photos to inspire others to live a tasty, and healthy lifestyle."

Martina Lőrincz, primarily a mother at the moment

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