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Welcome to my page!

I am Judit Benda, originally a pharmacist, but I have been working as a health promotion specialist and a nutritional therapist for over twenty-five years.

I am convinced that preventing the diseases is much easier than curing them.

Unfortunately prevention is something that many people have already missed. For them helping the body to heal itself through nutrition and lifestyle changes is the way forward.

Finn rakottkrumpli – dr. Benda Judit, Eg
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Personal Counseling

Personal counseling can help you stay healthy and prevent civilization diseases caused by diet and the environment.

However, if it is too late to stay healthy, proper diet and lifestyle changes can help with many problems. 

Cooking school

I have been teaching cooking to adults and children for over twenty years.


The emphasis in my cooking classes is on simplicity, health, and the gastronomic experience, but beyond that, we bring an ecological approach to the kitchen.


At the cooking school, I teach the theory and practice of wholefood cooking in a few-hour courses, full-day workshops, lifestyle camps and kids' camps.

Services for hospitals, municipalities, companies, restaurants, caterers

All areas of today's public catering need reform. Whether it's a factory kitchen, a company canteen, a school canteen or a hospital kitchen, today's changing needs should be followed by caterers.

In recent years, I have worked with a number of caterers, large kitchens, small restaurants, canteens and municipalities to transform their kitchens' offer and reform their recipes.

In the process, it has become clear that reform is not about money. Healthy, plentiful and delicious menus can be created through projects lasting a few weeks or months, tailored to local needs.


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If you have four children, it's not easy to write a book. For years, I planned to write a book on wholefood kitchen that would be both theory and practice, and then I worked on it for years. First on my own and then, after the text was finished, with Johannes my husband, on the implementation.

This was the third time we had worked together. When we started publishing (kétezeregy kiadó), I translated the first two books from German into Hungarian, and then happily handed over the task to professional translators.


Then we produced two eco-calendars in 2005 and 2006. At the time, they were extremely difficult to market, so we only produced two. Perhaps now, that the environment is no longer just an issue for us, we will try again.


And finally, the cookbook, which is only half a cookbook, since the first third of it is devoted to the theoretical background of our nutrition.


And at the moment we are working on the cookbook for children, The Witch's Kitchen, which is a really heart-warming project. Cooking together with my children has always been one of my favourite activities, and then in the cooking school, the specialised classes and camps helped me to collect recipes that the children mostly love.

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